General Information

The COSMOS Project is a unique collaboration addressing the safety assessment needs of the cosmetics industry, without the use of animals. The main aim of COSMOS is to develop freely available (open access and/or source) tools and workflows to predict the safety to humans following the use of cosmetic ingredients.

This will be achieved using computational tools such as applying thresholds of toxicological concern (TTC), in silico toxicology (grouping, read-across and (Q)SAR - (quantitative) structure-activity relationships), in vitro data and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling.

The five year project, which started in January 2011, is funded jointly by the European Commission (through the 7th Framework Programme) and the European trade association for the cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry (Cosmetics Europe). It is coordinated by Liverpool John Moores University, England.

The project brings together expertise from industry, SMEs, academia and regulatory agencies from across Europe as well as the USA.

COSMOS Leaflet (click to download PDF)

COSMOS within the SEURAT-1 Cluster

An introduction to the SEURAT-1 Cluster and all Cluster projects, including COSMOS, is given in the first SEURAT-1 Annual Report. Results achieved in the first year of the projects are described in the second volume of the SEURAT-1 Annual report. COSMOS work on " Category formation based on 3-D molecular modelling of receptor interactions" and "Prediction of in vivo hepatotoxic effects based on in vitro data and modelling: A case study with acetaminophen" is highlighted in the third SEURAT-1 Annual report. All volumes are available for download from the SEURAT-1 website. You can also register for receiving a printed copy on the website.


A general overview of the aims and different areas of research of the COSMOS project: COSMOS – Computational Models for Determining the Safety of Cosmetic Ingredients to Humans.



This is European Comission Project. Seventh Framework Programme. Cosmetics Europe, The Personal Care Association. COLIPA, The European trade association for the cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry.