The focus of the COSMOS project is to develop an integrated suite of open source and open access computational models to assist in the prediction of human repeated dose toxicity for cosmetics. This suite of models will form a flexible and transparent tool within an integrated workflow. The in silico workflows will allow for the prediction of repeated dose toxicity to human through the integration of models based on threshold of toxicological concern, innovative chemistry and physiologically-based pharmacokinetics. The workflows will be adaptable and form set of building blocks allowing users to incorporate their own data and search existing data compilations.

Specific objectives:

  • Collate and curate toxicological data with an emphasis on repeated dose exposure
  • Create an inventory of known cosmetic ingredients and associated quality controlled chemical structures
  • Extend the thresholds of toxicological concern (TTC) approach and assess its applicability to cosmetics
  • Develop innovative strategies to use existing and novel in silico approaches to predict toxicity and relate these to key events in adverse outcome pathways (AOPs)
  • Develop a multi-scale modelling approach including cell-based and PBPK models to predict target organ concentrations and extrapolate from in vitro to in vivo exposure scenarios
  • Integrate open source and open access modelling approaches into adaptable and flexible computational workflows


This is European Comission Project. Seventh Framework Programme. Cosmetics Europe, The Personal Care Association. COLIPA, The European trade association for the cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry.