COSMOS Symposium Recordings

The COSMOS Symposium on Computational Tools for Safety Assessment was held on 9 September 2015 in Liverpool, England, presenting the major outocomes of the EU COSMOS Project.

The programme can be downloaded here.

The Symposium has been broadcasted for online attendance via WebEx. The recordings of the presentations are linked in the following.



Introduction to the COSMOS project (Mark Cronin, LJMU)

COSMOS Toxicity Prediction and Biokinetics Models

Molecular modelling approach used for predictive toxicology within an AOP framework (LXR, PPARy) (Elena Fioravanzo, S-IN)

Biokinetics: in vitro to in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE) modelling to predict target organ concentrations (Alicia Paini)

Introduction to KNIME – desktop and WebPortal, COSMOS Workflow Documentation (Thorsten Meinl, KNIME)

COSMOS Database: Toxicological Information to Support Knowledge Discovery

COSMOS Database – Introduction and Demonstration (Chihae Yang, Altamira/Molceluar Networks; Christof Schwab, Molecular Networks)

Data mining to develop structural alerts In silico profilers (Steve Enoch, LJMU)

Further Alternative Methods: Read-Across Strategy and Extension of the TTC Approach to Cosmetics-Related Chemicals

Read-across strategy and case studies (Mark Cronin, LJMU)

COSMOS results on the extension of the Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) approach to cosmetics-related chemicals (Chihae Yang, Altamira/Molceluar Networks)

Summary of COSMOS Legacy and Tools (Mark Cronin, LJMU)

COSMOS Models Implementation into Easy-to-Use KNIME Workflows – Hands-on Demonstration

Demonstration of COSMOS Workflows in the KNIME WebPortal




General COSMOS Publications


An introduction to the aims and progress of COSMOS can be found on the website: The COSMOS Project: A Foundation for the Future of Computational Modelling of Repeat Dose Toxicity.

COSMOS in the IFSCC Magazine

COSMOS has been presented as a keynote lecture at the 27th International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) Congress, 15-18 October 2012, Johannesburg, South Africa and a corresponding Scientific Paper has been published in the IFSCC magazine, Volume 15 (4), pp. 249-255: Development of Computational Models for the Risk Assessment of Cosmetic Ingredients. The reprint can be downloaded as high resolution 7.2MB or as 4.7MB pdf file.

COSMOS in the SEURAT-1 Annual Reports

COSMOS results and highlights achieved are described in the SEURAT-1 Annual reports, which are available for download from the SEURAT-1 website. You can also register for receiving a printed copy on this website.

COSMOS overview presented at EUROTOX 2013

Click for a PDF of the EUROTOX 2013 COSMOS poster.

  • Richarz A-N, Neagu D, Yang C, Fioravanzo E, Péry A, Worth A, Berthold M, Cronin M (2013) Development of integrated in silico models for toxicity prediction focussing on cosmetic ingredients. 49th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology (EUROTOX), 2 September 2013, Interlaken, Switzerland

COSMOS at the 8th EPAA Annual Conference 2012

Click for a PDF of the EPAA 2012 poster.

  • The COSMOS Project has been presented at the EPAA (European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing) Annual Conference 2012 "Global Cooperation on alternatives (3Rs)" in Brussels, Belgium on 16 November 2012: "COSMOS: An International Cooperative Project Developing Computational Models for Repeated Dose Toxicity.
    The poster abstract book is available from the EPAA website. - poster prize





This is European Comission Project. Seventh Framework Programme. Cosmetics Europe, The Personal Care Association. COLIPA, The European trade association for the cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry.