COSMOS KNIME WebPortal: Web Tutorials

The models developed within the COSMOS Project have been implemented into flexible, freely available KNIME workflows, which can further be adapted to users’ needs.

In addition they have been adapted to be executed in a web browser, as user-friendly COSMOS KNIME WebPortal versions.

Documentation of the models and workflows is available in COSMOS Space.

First web tutorials are also accessible from the following links:



Physiologically Based Kinetic models

Virtual Cell Based Assays


Skin Permeability Estimation

PAMPA logPm predictor

Nuclear Receptor Binding

LXR Binding Prediction

Potential Nuclear Receptor ligands and alerts towards hepatosteatosis



This is European Comission Project. Seventh Framework Programme. Cosmetics Europe, The Personal Care Association. COLIPA, The European trade association for the cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry.